Yeacool Folding Shovel Pickax with Carrying Pouch

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MINI FOLDING SHOVEL with Multifunction: It Can be Pressed into Service as a Shovel, Saw, Bottle Opener, Nail Puller, Hoe, Pickaxe and more!

Small enough for your disaster kit, survival kit, bug out bag and survival tool kit.

High Quality and Value Mutitool for Outdoor and Indoor activities:

Great choice for Backpackers,Campers, Hikers, Gardeners, Scouts, Archeaologist, Gold Prospector, etc.

A Superb Gift Idea!

Small and Portable: The folding design allows easy carry, transport and storage. Simply loop to your belt or keep handy in your car or backpack!
One multitool does it all!

Compact but Intelligent and Solid Design: It features a non-slip soft rubber grip handle resulting in a comfortable grip while performing your gardening, shoveling or digging tasks. High-carbon steel manufactured shovel head and handle, durable, sturdy and tough as nails! Very practical tool cover all your different outdoor needs.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – All Yeacool folding shovels are of high quality and backed with 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.


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