Mambe Extreme Weather 100% Waterproof/Windproof Hooded Blanket


Fleece lined hood and shoulders
Eliminates heat loss from head and neck

Does not obstruct view or movement
Comfortable in both sitting or standing positions

Large internal pockets
Keeps your hands nice and warm

Comfortably hug the blanket to you
Second pair of internal pockets for keys, phone, etc.

Comes with Premium Stuff Sack
Store and transport your Hooded Blanket in style

Waterproof and super durable
Carrying handles sewn into the side of the bag for easy handling

Machine wash and dry
Wash on warm alone
Tumble dry on medium heat
Small (Petite/Youth)
Ideal for people up to 5’2″
Neck to hem: 44″
Shoulder width: 19″
Large (Regular)
Ideal for people between 5’2″ and 6′
This size is the most popular and fits the widest range of people.
Neck to hem: 50″
Shoulder width: 22″
Ideal for large and/or tall people
Neck to hem:50″
Shoulder width: 25″
Ideal for tall people 6’3″ and above
Neck to hem:56″
Shoulder width: 25″


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