Improvised Trapping: A Waterproof Folding Guide to Basic Methods for Securing Food


“These waterproof fold-out guides are rugged and easy to stash in the pack. The Animal Tracking guide and the Field Dressing Game guide are filled with great illustrations and plenty of information and detail.”, The Toledo Blade

“The information is sound, helpful and well written. Definitely worth consideration as something to throw in your pack ‘just in case.”, Rocky Mountain Bushcraft

“With the holiday season fast approaching, these Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guides would make great stocking stuffers for your favorite beginning outdoors lover.”, Meanderthals

“These waterproof, pocket-sized guides span the spectrum of outdoor skills, from animal tracking to navigation to wilderness first aid. Each one includes a wealth of well-organized information, color-coded and illustrated for increased readability.”, Outside Bozeman

“Each guide includes a huge amount of information for such a small space, but skips the confusing fluff. Specifically, I like the use of images and illustrations to demonstrate tasks and the common sense tips included throughout the guides.”, The Active Explorer

“The survival guides are absolutely packed full of information but skip all of the fluff. This makes them stick out from other similar guides that seem too intent on making for an entertaining read and not intent enough on providing the cold, hard facts of survival … I personally carry my Wilderness First Aid Guide with me whenever I’m out for a hike or out exploring the back country on my snowboard during the winter.”, Mountain Weekly News


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