Emergency Case – Premium Family Survival Kit – 2 Person 4 Days

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✅ STORE ANYWHERE AND EVACUATE IN 60 SECONDS: A durable pack that contains a 5 kit emergency system. One mobile case, with the right supplies on-hand, in one location.
✅ 5 KITS IN 1 EMERGENCY SYSTEM: Sleep & Shelter Survival Kit, Tools & Safety Survival Kit, Food & Water Survival Kit (96 hours. No cooking or adding water to food required.), Advanced Medical Survival Kit, Health & Hygiene Survival Kit.
✅ FIRST RESPONDER APPROVED: First Responder, Law Enforcement, Military and CERT personnel contributed to the creation of our 5 kit emergency system. Surpassing the FEMA U.S. Govt suggested preparedness guidelines and more.
✅ READY FOR ALL DISASTERS: Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami, Wildfire. For home, office, auto and travel.
✅ FEMA Approved!



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