Dragoon Unlimited Fire Starter Kit – Traditional Bushcraft Ferro Rod

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Dragoon Unlimited was started with the vision to provide smart solutions for your next adventure trip! Our story began in the Brazos River Bottoms in West Texas and the Piney woods of Arkansas to manufacture high quality fire starters which help our customers to enjoy outdoor life on weekend and week long camping fun and memorable!

Our company is always engaged in creating better things that stays as the best equipment at affordable pricing, making you enjoy your survival travel without any limitations. All our products are quality tested before packaging. If you are not 100% satisfied contact us and we’ll fix it.

Thank you for making Dragon Unlimited part of your daily adventure!


Make thousands of fire without the need for match sticks, lighter, or other gears with our fire starter tool! Made from high quality ferrocerium blend, our fire igniter is easy to use and provides amazing consistency in generating sparkles instantly.


Even if you stuck under heavy rainfall, strong winds or any other climatic crisis our ferro rod fire starter works efficiently without any accidental or unintended sparks while scraping!


Sculpted to be handy, our fire starter survival ferro rod comes with flat and fine edges to strike easily and create a flame easily. Our fire starter kit offers long lasting use of over 12,000-20,000 strikes!


Type: Flint Steel Fire Starter

Rod: Bushcraft Ferro Rod


Wooden Handle

Weather Resistant

Minimal Packaging: Because we know you use the tool, not the package, we’ve chosen to use the absolute minimum packaging required for shipping and stocking purposes.


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