Augason Farms Bakery Food Storage Kit No. 10 Can 3-Pack


113 total servings
16, 680 total calories
3 bakery food varieties
Easy to Prepare. Just add water!
Up to a 10 year shelf life!

Are you preparing for unforeseen events? Do you pride yourself on taking care of yourself and your family, being self-reliant? Are you just curious about some of the options available to you when it comes to emergency preparedness? When preparing for yourself and family, you need to make certain that you have food that is stored and ready to go. The centerpiece of your food should most certainly be proteins.  This meat is actually able to survive long enough for an emergency 25 years from now, an amazing number. Combine this with other freeze-dried items like vegetables and your ready to eat gourmet style whether its on a camping trip or during a natural disaster. There’s no reason to skimp or cut corners around your nutrition, you will need all of your strength and energy if a disaster happens. You can’t count on that the Red Cross or other help will make it to you in time, you have to be ready for days or longer before help arrives.


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