Arcadia Gear 3/4″ x 6″ Large Diameter Ferro Rod

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Fat Boy Premium Ferro Rod
A long lasting hefty ferro rod that you will be able to count on when fire making matters most.
With robust sparks that shower at 5,500 F your chances of getting a fire started have never been higher.

Perfect For
Bush Craft, Long Term Survival, Bugout Bags, The Glovebox of your Car and Truck, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing,
Every Day Carry Packs, Emergencies, BBQ grills, Gas Camp Stoves, Having Fun!

More About the Wooden Handle
If you’ve ever tried to use a ferro rod in the rain that didn’t have a handle then you know how impossible that can be.
If you haven’t, try to imagine playing tug of war with a broom handle and two handfuls of bacon grease.

We have drilled a 4mm hole through the top of the handle for our craftier customers to run paracord through.
Make it your own and send us your pictures!

35,000 Strikes
After testing we have rated The Fat Boy for up to 35,000 strikes.
Depending on method and skill set, the Fat Boy should last for years.

The black coating on the exterior of the ferro rod is a thin protective coating that needs to be scraped off to get
to the metal underneath.


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