2-Pack Edible Wilderness and Wilderness Survival Playing Cards


2 decks of 52 playing cards, both decks survival themed
Wilderness Survival deck contains useful general survival tips
Edible Wilderness deck contains information on surviving off of edible plants in the outdoors
Essential for camping, backpacking, and survival situations

This complementary 2-pack of survival cards will give you tips and tricks for camping and back-packing in a variety of situations, including emergencies and natural disasters, as well as strategies for sourcing food while you’re out there in the wilderness.

The Wilderness Survival cards will teach you a bevy of essential skills for roughing it in the great outdoors, including surviving forest fires, avalanches, and black bear attacks, how to avoid snake bites, river safety, hunting for survival, finding potable sources of water, how to tie a variety of useful knots, wilderness first aid, preventing drowning, and 42 additional categories/tips/tricks!

The Edible Wilderness cards covers countless important topics such as the Universal Edibility Test, how to survive without food, a catalog of poisonous plants, edible insects, specific tips for sourcing food in desert and coastal climates, edible trees, how to survive without water, plant anatomy, edible mushrooms and fungi, and much much more!

Each pack contains 52 standard playing cards covered with facts and tips like the ones outlined above. Since each is a regulation playing deck, you can play card games around the campfire and learn useful survival tips at the same time! An essential accessory for any camping, backpacking, or survival scenario! Makes a great gift for the rugged outdoors person in your family!



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